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Xtrac Psoriasis Treatment Specialist

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XTRAC® psoriasis treatment can clear 95% of your psoriasis lesions during a series of treatment sessions at Dermatology Arts. The team of psoriasis experts performs this simple noninvasive laser treatment in their South Pasadena and Arcadia, California, offices. If you have stubborn psoriasis lesions and would like to avoid biologics or messy topical treatments, XTRAC treatment could be the ideal way to clear your skin. Call the office nearest to you or book your consultation online today.

Xtrac Psoriasis Treatment Q & A

What is XTRAC psoriasis treatment?

XTRAC is an FDA-cleared treatment for psoriasis. This noninvasive treatment uses therapeutic narrow bands of concentrated UVB light from an excimer laser to clear your psoriasis and relieve your symptoms. 

Dermatology experts at the Wellman Center of PhotoMedicine and Harvard Medical School coordinated with medical engineers and research specialists to create XTRAC using the specific monochromatic wavelength (308 nm) that has an enormously beneficial effect on psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema).  

The therapy is fast, easy, and completely painless. XTRAC therapy can clear 95% of your psoriasis lesions within a month of sessions at Dermatology Arts. 

The XTRAC technology is one of the American Academy of Dermatology's approved treatment protocols for psoriasis, and is recommended by the National Psoriasis Foundation. 

Does XTRAC psoriasis treatment cover all areas of the body?

XTRAC is an effective treatment in any area of the body with psoriasis lesions, including the normally difficult-to-treat areas such as the scalp, palms of your hands, and feet. 

How does XTRAC psoriasis treatment compare to other treatments?

XTRAC is an excellent alternative to the other main types of psoriasis treatments, including:


Injections of biologic medications can be effective for psoriasis. However, this method is also quite costly. Biologic injections suppress your immune system, which can have harmful effects.  Side effects of biologics can include liver damage, birth defects, and heart failure. 

Topical treatments

Topical treatments can be messy and time-consuming. In addition, some topical treatments run the risk of skin thinning or stretch marks. 

Other light therapies

UV light is a proven solution for psoriasis, but all UV light isn't equal. Older UV light treatments for psoriasis cover a wider area, which means they accidentally target healthy skin in addition to the psoriasis lesions. Unfortunately, this can cause serious damage to your healthy skin. Also, older light therapy requires many more treatment sessions than XTRAC. 

All in all, XTRAC offers the results you want faster and with a lot less trouble than other methods of psoriasis treatment. 

How many XTRAC psoriasis treatment sessions do I need?

Most people need 10-12 treatment sessions, spaced out over about a month. 

XTRAC treatment commonly gives you long-lasting psoriasis remission and symptom relief. Most people enjoy at least several months free of psoriasis lesions and symptoms. 

To find out how XTRAC can help with your psoriasis, call Dermatology Arts or click on the online scheduler now.